Glad you're here.

LUNA HAWK & CO was founded for those who value and enjoy independent learning. You'll find targeted topics and specialized workshops packed with heart n' soul.

Here at LUNA HAWK & CO our self-study courses are crafted with you, the student in mind. While every student is uniquely complex with a preferred learning style, we've identified core characteristics to ensure our material, mode of delivery, and educational lens is a good fit for you. 

ESSENTIAL TRAITS + Fundamental Skills our students share:

> Independent, self-directed learner. While it may seem obvious, our students value learning, are intrinsically motivated to seek knowledge, and therefore willing to demand of themselves in the spirit of learning. 

> Critical thinker. This skill may surprise you given the fact that we offer classes on intuition development but you'll be asked to to regularly engage concepts and ask questions. 

> Open-minded + willing to stretch. Each and every course contains transformative exercises that will require you to experiment and engage in practices that will take you beyond your comfort zone. That's the whole point and in the end you'll be supremely grateful.

> Computer literacy. Due to the nature of online learning, you'll need to be able to access email, the internet, and have basic technical skills to receive course materials. 

> A desire to grow + connect with Spirit. The specifics of this varies greatly but at the end of the day you value growth and connection, and truth and substance over superficial solutions, spiritual bypassing, and numbing out.

The question the becomes, do you see yourself in the description above?

If so, we hope you'll subscribe to our mailing list (for exclusive discounts) and browse the course catalog to view available on demand classes offering a rich, transformative education on targeted topics in the realm of intuition development.